Daiva Markauskienė


What is needed for astrology? A lot of experience and practice, knowledge, love and wisdom, broad-mindedness, and mathematical thinking, of course. But first of all, the Teacher, who would awaken it. I am glad that I have the best teacher of astrology – Gabija Wolmer, who is my main spiritual teacher and I hope will be my teacher for a whole life.

Astrology Activities

So it’s time to share love and experience of astrology that I have accumulated over several decades of astrological practice – by counseling, conducting, by seminars, teaching others, and constantly studying. Well, my “Alive Astrology” courses will be celebrating this 10th anniversary this year.

This is a great opportunity to look at the numbers:

  • 22 years of astrology practice
  • 1378 Astrology consultations across all continents except Antarctica 🙂
  • 3589 students
  • 78 Alive Astrology Courses in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda
  • 368 articles in the press
  • 835 lectures on astrology

Astrology is just part of my daily life. I know that for many of my students too. I hope for you will be the same if you’ll want.

Other activities, interests

I believe that all spiritual traditions are the wisdom treasures of mankind. In that sense I am integral, yet the closest to Buddhism – because of my freedom, because the Buddhist tradition gives me most answers to my questions. I always loved to ask and find answers that are logical and reasonable.

I was delighted to meet such Buddhist teachers as Kirti Tsenshab Rimpoche (Dalai Lama’s teacher of astrology) and to receive from the initiation of Kalachakra Tantra, connected with astrology in the Buddhist tradition. I get protection and phova practices and initiations from Lama Vajranatha (Reynolds) and organized his seminars in Lithuania.  I m happy that I could help coordinate the Maitreya Buddhist relics Tour in Lithuania.

I am delighted and lucky for ability to edit Lamrim’s translation in Lithuanian and dozens of other spiritual literature as well as  organize publication such books in Lithuanian as “The Lotus-born”, “Dakini teachings” and “Biography of Yogi” and dozen of books from shaman tradition or simply describing the  universal laws of the spirit. I have always worked only on what seemed to me to be meaningful. Astrology is one of those most meaningful things. To discover this, I want to help you – those who need it.

I will not name here all the workshops, courses -of astrology, astrominerology, sacred geometry, feng shui, meditation, Buddhist practices, mantra transmissions and initiations, various breathing techniques, and many others – that would result in several hundred. This is a natural part of my life, I think the astrologer is and must be a spiritual practitioner, not just a mathematician, a calculator. Then you can see the whole, deepen your understanding of the processes and learn how to transform them, find tools for transforming yourself and others. 

Thank you to all my Teachers and Students.

Daiva Markauskiene, or just Astrodaiva