Astrology predictions 2021

Main planetary transits 2021, astrology forecast
31 Dec 2020

Astrology predictions 2021

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Main planet transits in the year 2021

No one will probably be surprised by the insight that 2021 promises to be a year of great transformations. It opens a period of great changes, which began in mid-December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius and made conjunction. The big changes don't happen in one moment; they take place in stages. The 2021 year is an important, cornerstone stage of global transformations.

1. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius declare a year of changes and innovation.

These are the two largest solar system planets, related to power, governance, laws, order, and justice. Traveling in Aquarius, they highlight the need for change in society and manage and implement it as efficiently as possible. This will primarily affect the virtual space, encourage scientific and technical innovation, teamwork, and freelancers' activity on a fee schedule (not necessarily due to quarantine - in the future, it may simply be due to greater freedom).

These changes will gradually take effect, but, especially when the Sun enters the Aquarius. It is essential to master smart technologies, take an interest in scientific and technical innovations, and find your team. Social networks, platforms, and other forms of social coexistence will become increasingly important in 2021. New yet unknown forms of that coexistence can be created, allowing to find like-minded people, carry out joint projects, do business, and communicate freely. Mastering these areas is very important, will help you not fall out from reality, to have contacts and exchanges with the world.

2.Confrontation of old and new -  Jupiter's and Saturn's squares to Uranus.

After the turmoil of 2020, the economic and all-encompassing health crisis, and constraints, a new phase begins - encouraging openness to change, expanding consciousness, but also testing how much that renewal, awareness, freedom, and new opportunities are important to you. The tendencies of freedom and control will confront strongly throughout the year as two powerful forces, searching for their own ways and solutions. This is expressed in astrology by Jupiter and Saturn's squares to Uranus, which will be the main aspects of the year.

  • Jupiter's square to Uranus - January 18th.
  • Saturn's squares to Uranus - February 17, June 15; December 14.

2021 could be picturesquely called as the "year of thunderstorms and lightings" This year will feel best for people who are open to innovations,  not in a hurry to fear, not afraid of freedom and responsibility, who are friendly, responsive, happy to learn new things. These are, first and foremost, representatives of the air signs, they will be the most successful 2021 year, especially Aquarius, Libra. Gemini will face important decisions, but from the middle of the year - and challenges.

3. Jupiter in Pisces (May-July) unfolds in 2022 trends - spirituality and creativity.

From mid-May to the end of July, Jupiter will travel with Fish, raising new ones, already in 2022. trends. This period is favorable for spiritual practices, art, creativity, and the representatives of water and earth signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn). They should try to use this period for the beginning of important works and decisions.

4. North Node in Gemini encourages learning.

In order to evolve, it is important to learn new things, acquire new skills, update existing knowledge, expand the worldview, relying on the formed values.

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Eclipses at the May-June and November-December mark significant events of the year.

In 2021, there will be 4 eclipses:

  • May 26th (Moon) and June 10th (Solar)  - these are related to new trends, opening up of evolutionary programs;
  • November 19th (Moon) and December 4th (Sun)  - these are related to past experiences.

The eclipses will affect the Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces signs the most. They promote changes, reconstruction in education, trade, politics, governance structures, legislation, tourism, and aviation. They will direct Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius in new, promising ways, encourage them to improve. But make Sagittarius experience the consequences of the decisions made in the past - both good and bad.

5.Selena and Lilith’s positions will change in mid-July, changing the sources of protection and temptation.

By mid-July, Selena will be in Sagittarius, Lilith will take place in Taurus.
From the 16th of July, Selena will move to Capricorn; from the 18th of July, Lilith moves to Gemini.

  • Thus, in the first half of the year, the greatest protection is related to faith, justice, the representatives of the Sagittarius mark are protected, there will be cleansing in the field of law enforcement, legislation, and the greatest temptation is related to greed, it's a dangerous time for Taurus.
  • From the middle of the year, will be protected earth element, and the areas related to it (economy, finances, mining), and the Capricorn sign representatives. Economic and financial issues will be managed more successfully and transparently. The temptations will move to the Gemini and Gemini related areas - information, communication, and contacts, so manipulation, dishonesty should be avoided.

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