What's for August?

Astro forecast for August
rugpjūčio astro prognozė
1 Aug 2020

What’s about August?

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Though no particularly essential astrological events will take place this August (they will take place at the end of the year), but it is like a month of waiting and preparing: what will the future be? So it can be both a good, productive month, and a tense, nervous, even traumatic one. It depends on a few factors, which I will discuss in the article.

August this year is divided into two parts – fiery and earthly. They differ significantly, as do the key objectives, trends, and recommended activities.

I. Leo – fiery, creative period. August 1st-22nd.

Sun, will travel in the fiery sign of Leo, supported by the strong Mars from the zodiac sign of Aries. As well the almost all this time, Mercury travel in Leo too. Thus, of the five inner planets, three will be in fiery signs (the Moon will join them on days 7-9, 17-19). What does it mean?

The harmonious expression of fire is creativity, joy, dignity, self-confidence, the courage to create, live, realize one’s talents, to have one’s opinion, to express and defend it. In a negative sense, it means that aggression, conflicts, anger, despotism, inflated ambitions, the struggle for power at any cost, demagoguery will take place. How and where that fire will be directed depends on each of us and on the general background of society, which tendency will outweigh in the collective consciousness.

Again, Mars, unfortunately, will often be in bad aspects with the powerful stellium of planets in Capricorn. Square of Mars with Jupiter August 4th and square with Pluto August 13th not only gives a higher probability of injuries and accidents, but also conflicts in society, all kinds of fires. Capricorn tends to limit, it is related to the governing institutions, Aries wants to push forward, to demand, so there are possible conflicts of interest in society.

About Mars position in Arties you will find here:

What is the best to do this period?

  • Awaken your human dignity, courage, and creativity.
  • Dare to create, love, calmly demand what belongs to you.
  • Maybe dare to say that the king is naked 🙂
  • Realize that you are creator, so choose to be a creator of your life.
  • Relax, get solar energy for all year round, be joyful and aware.

Then this time can feed us with energy – faith, love, give vitality, restore self-esteem if it has been lost.

What would be the worst thing right now?

  • Become a coward or an aggressor.
  • Panic instead of making decisions.
  • Act impulsively, recklessly.
  • Be careless driving or with a fire.

Then health and relationship problems arise, vitality is destroyed, energy is wasted – so it should be avoided.

Best days: 5,6,7,11,14,20,21.

Worst days: 2,3,4,9,10,13,18.

Who benefits from this period?

People of fire and air elements: representatives of Leo, Sagittarius, as well as Gemini, and Libra (if they control impulsivity, anger, or pride).

II. Virgo – earthly, pragmatic period. August 22nd-31st.

New Moon in Leo at 19. But soon after that energies of Leo will start to suppress, leaving place for Virgo ones: Mercury will pass to the Virgo 21st, Sun August 22nd. Fiery ambitions will begin to subside, as will holiday vibes too, and they will give place to practicality, the focus will shift from recreation and vacations to work and every routine. It’s a natural process, conducive to planning work, putting up schedules, plans, thinking about how to work in the second half of the year. Also, the Sun and Mercury will currently be harmoniously supported by the large stellium in Capricorn, so the end of August and the first half of September can be efficient and productive period of the year. However, it is favorable only for practical, sober-minded people who do not go on a leash of emotions but can analyze the situation, draw conclusions, and strategize their activities. However, the third quadrature of Mars with the stellium in Capricorn (this time to Saturn) will occur August 24th, so you should drive more carefully, protect yourself from injuries, especially fractures, and spare the spine.

What is the best to do this period?

  • Gather the necessary data, information, independently analyze the situation – both general and personal.
  • Develop a strategy, an action plan, evaluating both the best and the worst option for the future.
  • Manage documents and your environment, burn work and rest regime, organize work meetings.
  • Take an interest in a healthy lifestyle, switch to a healthier diet, strengthen immunity, start exercising.
  • Start learning new things, deepen work skills or improve qualifications.

With a sober mind and reliable information, it is possible to solve emerging problems more effectively and better strategize activities for the future.

What would be the worst at the moment?

  • Give in to emotions, fantasies, or panic.
  • Be lazy, ignoring duties.

Without making decisions, giving in to emotions, fears, persons is powerless, and unstable. They can not help anyone, neither \themselves nor others, are helpless and must depend on the grace of others.

Best days: 22,25,28.

Worst days: 26.30.

Who benefits from this period?

People of the earth and water elements: the representatives of the signs of Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, as well as Cancer and Scorpio.


  1. For the first two decades, relax, enjoy life, gain energy, say to yourself, “I am the creator of my life.” And don’t let scare you, and take away your vital energy. If you have energy, then you have both immunity and strength for new jobs, and changes with the world.

  2. In the third decade, after New Moon make order at home and at the workplace, create a business plan and strategy on how to deal with practical issues. You can ask yourself the following questions: “How can I benefit others? What services can I provide? What valuable skills do I have? How can I make the best use of them in the current situation?” Analyze the situation, draw your own conclusions (again, to gather them, you need to gather information!). Use a sober mind and logical thinking. In order to act and make plans for the future, it is necessary to understand the current situation and its causes.