Mars in zodiac signs

Weak and strong Mars. How to use Mars energy?
29 Jul 2020

Mars is zodiac signs

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Mars is currently in Aries. It’s a strong position and will be so for an exceptionally long time – half a year: from June 28, 2020, until January 7, 2021. Unfortunately, for much of this period, this position of Mars will be hampered by Lilith, which is traveling in the same sign until October 21, tempting to use Mars energy in a very selfish, aggressive way.

What is the best way to use the energy of Mars at this time?

  • take up sports;
  • engage in physical activity, perform deferred physical work – tidy up the environment, make repairs;
  • to learn to transform anger and fears into calm courage;
  • to awaken the inner warrior, the peaceful defender of the abused ones;
  • to learn martial arts, and energy mastery practices (especially while Selena is in Scorpio);
  • to harmonize the male energy – with men in general and the active energy within itself.

Weak and strong Mars. Positive and negative qualities of Mars

In astrology, Mars is concerned with action, will, determination, courage, and active energy. For men, Mars reveals their notion of masculinity, and in women’s horoscope, among other things, shows the type of man that is attractive to them. As for the energy of Mars, it is rough, straightforward, quite simple, and perhaps the harshest of all the energies of the planets. But after all, to function on the physical level requires that energy that moves matter. It is possible to wish, think, perceive, but without Mars. Those impulses would remain only dreams. Not unnecessarily in ancient mythology, Mars is the god of war. The position of Mars for both men and women expresses an inner warrior, doer, and it is the key to taking concrete action.

Strong Mars

Mars, like any planet in the horoscope, can be strong and weak, and whether harmonious or disharmonious. Mars has strong positions in Aries, Scorpio (ruling), and Capricorn (exaltation). Strong Mars gives activity, will, courage – the qualities of a fighter, the ability to resist, say ‘no,’ to defend oneself. Such people need a lot of physical activity – sports, physical work, and sex.

  • Positive qualities of a strong Mars is activity, courage, energy, and there is nothing impossible for such people.
  • Negative qualities of strong Mars is aggression, anger, which cause conflicts, accidents, and traumas.

Weak Mars

Weak positions Mars positions are in Taurus, Libra (exile), and Cancer (fall). Such people tend to save energy, get tired faster. They avoid an open fight and confrontation. They find it harder to face competition, challenges to defend their interests. If necessary, they choose indirect ways of combat, using psychology skills, diplomacy, law, and the like.

  • Positive qualities are bringing peace and harmony to the environment.
  • Negative qualities are cowardice, panic, helplessness, intrigue, deceit, and such people seem to attract torturers.

Mars in zodiac signs

The position of Mars in the zodiac sign shows how a person uses his energy. The location of Mars in house shows where he mostly uses energy.

♈️ A brave warrior. This position gives courage, determination, straightforwardness. In a negative sense – outbreaks of impulsivity, aggression, and anger. These are manly men. Women with this position of Mars prefer strong men and not respect gentle ones. Such people are not afraid to go on unprecedented paths. They are by nature pioneers, brave, energetic, but acting in impulses, some jumps. They need active sports, exercise, sex, otherwise they feel bad. Closer to “male” sports: boxing, wrestling, sports connected with guns, muscle building, which is essential for these people, especially men.

♉️ A practical doer. Such people act fundamentally but inertly, it is difficult for them to begin, it takes time to prepare, to gather strength, but after passing, it is difficult to stop them. Practical benefits will drive them in action.  In a harmonious sense, they are hard-working, efficient, effective, reliable people. In negative cases, they can be blunt and inert. The best sport for them is working in the garden. Men are practical, women like stable, concrete, honest men.

♊️ An intelligent fighter. The weapon of such people is their tongue. They are invincible in verbal fights. They work well in the field of advertising. They prefer intellectual activities rather than physical ones. On the other hand, they are more productive working in two areas, two jobs at once – otherwise even the most exciting work will get bored. Their action is motivated by the desire for knowledge, and to train their mind; they will spare no effort to search for information. In a positive sense, this position of Mars manifests itself as quick orientation, good eloquence, persuasive speech, the ability to combine different activities, and intelligence. Negative qualities are sarcasm, lack of clear direction, distraction. For men, this position brings dynamism, wit, eloquence. Women will like smart, intellectual men.

♋️ A family defender. In this position, Mars is reluctant to engage in battles, chooses better psychological means; they prefer peaceful resistance than open attacks. The exception is when the family, the children, are touched. Then they become defenders, guardians, restraining the attackers. It is difficult for them to say “no” to demand something for themselves, but if they need to defend the weaker ones, so their strength manifests itself. Their action is motivated by patronage. They tend to act gently, motherly. In a positive sense, this position of Mars manifests itself as caring, support, the ability to achieve a result peacefully, wisely. Men with this position of Mars are caring and gentle. Women like “family men,” rougher, raises tension. Al these people are tent to save energy, but water sports are just that they need.

♌️ A charismatic leader. This position of Mars gives to men charm, solidity, and masculinity, women like dignified, self-confident, influential, well, and of course, charming men, the kind to be proud of. Such people act with inspiration. They are creative, confident, but solid, not spontaneous. In a positive sense, they are noble, warm, and confident people. Laziness, arrogance, despotism, arrogance can occur in a negative sense. They often take leadership positions and knows how to deal with it. Of the sports, the most popular are dances, golf, tennis, and of course they will train in a sweaty gym.

♍️ A discreet dealer. People with this position on Mars are practical and good at technologies. These are jewelers, computer scientists, dentists – all working with sophisticated equipment. Their performance is precise and inventive. They are usually interested in a healthy way of life, are great doctors. In a harmonious sense, they are precise and resourceful. If disharmonious – trailer, meticulous, stuck in small details. Men are smart and practical. Women are attracted to the appropriate type of men who are able to handle household affairs, solve everyday problems. Sport is according to the instructions, first of all for the sake of health, they are good instructors of sports.

♎️ A peacekeeper diplomat. Such people are not inclined to engage in struggles. They avoid them with their charm and diplomacy. In a positive case, it is a sympathetic, perfectly conscientious man, elegant, with good manners, bringing peace to himself and calming conflicts in their environment. Women like men who know how to behave in society, and have good manners and style. In a disharmonious case, it is a conformist, a coward who does not hide behind the back of another or tries to cross out those around him for his own benefit. Sports – dancing, fencing, horse sports, but do not like active sports because they tend to save energy.

♏️ An invincible ninja. It is a soldier who deals without fear in extreme situations, and can act for a long time, consistently. Combat situations encourage them. They like to get out of the comfort zone. Men are characterized by high inner strength, mystery. Women like mysterious, strong men, whose power is felt by themselves, not by demonstration. The disharmonious manifestation s characterized by cruelty, deceit, the instinct for destruction—sport – martial arts, motorsports and other sports with a lot of adrenaline.

♐️ A noble knight. This position provides idealism and inspiration. Such a person will be motivated to act by noble ideas, the desire to explore, to discover. This is the position of inspired seekers, defenders of truth. In a negative sense, it can give instability, unreliability. In general, such people do not like routine work. In order to act, they need inspiration, perception of meaning. In a positive sense, it encourages to travel, study, explore, open new horizons. For men, this position of Mars brings charm and confidence. Women like men with social status, educated, openminded. The best sports – archery, javelin throwing, gliding, etc.

♑️ An unyielding general. This position of Mars gives strength, hardens the will, man can act not only with great force, but also for a long time, persistently. Such a person will always achieve the set goal. It is only a matter of time. They can choose the main things and reject the unnecessary, asceticism does not frighten them, so their action is always useful. Their activity is concentrated, purposeful. They always know what they want. To men, this position brings strength and unwavering will. Women love mature, stable, restrained men who know how to achieve their goals. The best sports are mountaineering, marathons, everything that hardens, and strategic games.

♒️ A fighter for freedom. This position of Mars gives a free impulse to act. Such a person will work inspiredly together with others, will quickly join the team, but only when he chooses to do so. The key to acting, in this case, is the freedom to choose. If it is translated or imposed, on the contrary, they will rebel in principle. In a positive sense, this position provides friendliness, gives altruistic actions, unselfish help for others, or just common goals, so such people respond to joint initiatives, various projects. The act of such a person is thoughtful, consistent, but can manifest itself in very original forms. They are great inventors. This position brings men ingenuity and restraint together, women like free and open-minded men. In a negative sense, it is anarchism, stubbornness in rebellion, doing no matter how, but otherwise. Of sports, most suitable group games, sports that require endurance.

♓️ A defender of the weak. A person with such a position of Mars will avoid open struggle. He will better choose more subtle ways, psychological wayų of action, or chooses underground battle, if conflict is inevitable. His works are inspired by compassion, the desire to help living beings, to create beauty and harmony. This position gives to men spirituality and mystery. Women will like the type of mysterious stranger, romantic lover – well, not from this world. They can fall in love with artists or clerics. In a positive sense, it gives altruism, subtlety min actions, it is excellent for artists and clergy. Negative qualities are weakness, phobias, detachment from reality, distraction, or intrigue. The best sports are yoga, tai chi, swimming, or ones bordering on the arts, as ballet, dances, etc.