What kind of message does the comet Neowise bring to us?

Astrology about comets
22 Jul 2020

What kind of message does the comet Neowise bring to us?

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Comets from the ancient times have been considered as distinctive signs of heaven, bringing a message from the depths of the galaxy. Most often, that knowledge was associated with disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, pestilence, famine, or changes of rulers, it means with global changes and transformation. Why are they given such a unique role?

About the comets and their fatal effects, we can find a lot in the works of a great philosopher of antiquity Aristotle. Marcus Manilius called the comet a “sign of impending doom” in his poem “Astronomica.” A similar approach we can find in Vedic astrology,  or beliefs of African tribes.

What is a comet from an astronomical point of view?

It is a celestial body that has an elongated elliptical orbit around the Sun. It at least occasionally shows a coma (cloak or tail) due to the Sun’s exposure to the comet’s nucleus, which is from the dust, water, gas frozen in ice. As it approaches the Sun, the ice begins to melt, and only then does a glowing tail appear. Comet does not shine itself, but only reflects the light of the Sun. That tail can be very long, up to the diameter of Jupiter, and the melted ice forms clouds of tens millions of kilometers in space.

The nearest point in orbit to the Sun is called the perihelion, and the farthest is called the aphelion. The comets’ orbits are very elongated, extending into the Kuiper belt or even into the Oort cloud. The origins of comets are not in our solar system, so they are like messengers linking the solar system to space: some of them approaching the Sun decay, some are pushed from the Solar system permanently, well, and some travel their orbit further.

What is a comet from an astrological point of view?

A comet is a messenger of heaven, a signifier of the divine will, a message transmitted to the solar system from the universe, and received through the Sun. Astrologically, the most crucial moment is comet’s maximum approach to the Sun, called the perihelion. It’s like the moment when a space messenger sends a message to the ruler, the Sun. That approach is usually associated with the global crisis, followed by fundamental changes – nothing strange, because transforming needs shaking at first. Therefore, in the past, a comet was called “the hand of God’s punishment.”I think we can it could be called purification, purification, it seems, the comet with its tail is sweeping space, gathering what is no longer needed, and bringing out of the solar system.

What kind of message does the comet Neowise bring to us?

The comet Neowise was discovered on March 27, 2020. Its name sounds very hopeful, and it is the same as the name e of the telescope. Is it a nice coincidence or cosmic synchronicity that Neowise teaches us a new look at space and ourselves, a new perception, ushering in an era of a new understanding? The period of this comet is very long – about 6,800 years, so it had visited Earth at the dawn of human civilization about 5000 BC.

Neowise is mostly associated with the signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. It became most visible from Earth when the Sun was in the zodiac sign of Cancer. So new consciousness, new point of view about the issue of life on Earth, and protection of children are the most important, essential things. This hand of heaven should punish the abusers of children and bring changes in government – hopefully by purifying them.

The comet, its effects are usually characterized by three moments: 1.its capture, discovery (“seeing the message”), 2.the closest approach to the Sun – perihelium (“delivering the message to a king’), and the nearest approach to the Earth (“engagement in human understanding”). The most crucial point is the perihelion because the Sun gives to comet glow by melting its ice and illuminating it. The message then travels to Earth. Since ancient times said that the planets and other celestial bodies have their consciousness and they are not only physical but also spiritual beings, named Cosmic Logos. The comets also have their awareness – everything is alive and conscious in the universe. Perhaps we are on the eve of such an approach to the connection between science and spirituality.

Neowise is mostly associated with the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Leo (at the time of discovery Neowise was Leo 2nd degree, at perihelion in Gemini at 30th degree, the comet became visible when Sun was in Cancer).

So what are those three Neowise dates?

  1. Discovery, message detection – 2020m. March 27, 2020,
  2. the largest approach to the Sun, perihelion, message transmission – 2020 June 3.
  3. The most significant rapprochement with the Earth and human reality is July 23, 2020.

Well, the first date substantially coincides with the announcement of worldwide quarantine in mid-March, which, by the way, is an unprecedented fact in human history. The second date is connected with the solar eclipse and the release of quarantine, with a profound transformation, searching for solutions. The third date is July 23, when the comet will be closest to Earth? Well, you’ll see

Obviously, Neowie, like other comets,after the initial shock, and crisis, brings political-economic change, new connections, new alianses, but above all it brings a change of worldview, so you can give to this fiery space broom your fears and outdated views and to make a space for a new wisdom – NEO WISE

The colors of this comet are golden and magenta. They also judge the nature of the comet not only physically but also spiritually. Yellow and indigo are again colors associated with wisdom, spiritual awareness.

Because Neowise is a distant comet with a long cycle of nearly seven thousand years, such do not come from the Kuiper belt, but from the Ortho cloud, which envelops the solar system spherically. Near comets with a cycle of several decades or several hundred years come from the Kuiper belt. They are said to be messengers of outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and distant stars like Neowise – messengers of galactic consciousness bringing impulse from the galactic logic to the solar system, awakening the cosmic consciousness. Their farthest point of orbit, the aphelion, is on the edge of the solar system, in the Ortho cloud, where the solar system connects to the galaxy, the star space.

How to discover the comet Neowise in the sky?

The comet is visible in June-August, but the best visibility is in mid-July, especially after the New Moon of July, when it will have risen quite high above the horizon, and the moonlight is low. It is easiest to find it after sunset over the northwestern horizon, next to the Big Dipper. This comet can be seen with the naked eye, if it isn’t significant light pollution, so better away from cities. It is the first planet since 1997, visible to the naked eye. NASA even claims it could be a “comet of the century.”