2020 astrology forecast for zodiac signs

2020 metų astrologionė prognozė
9 Mar 2020

2020 astrology forecast for zodiac signs

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General characteristic of the year

For most of the year 2020, a huge cluster of planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto – will travel through the Capricorn, unleashing the features of Capricorn and encouraging or even demanding to learning them. And those qualities are professionalism, responsibility, patience, and strategy. So 2020 is a year of strategists, and professionals. This year will be determined not by emotions, but by serious attitude, perseverance, will, intelligence, strategist talent, resistance to environmental factors and, on the other hand, the ability to adapt, react, give up unnecessary things for essential purposes.

The year is called the Year of the White Metal Rat, so workaholism, frugality, perseverance, responsibility, and strategy will be further enhanced by the rigor, tenacity, and ambition.

Planetary positions, the most important transit of the year

Pluto will be in Capricorn zodiac sign all year.

Jupiter and Saturn will be almost all year in Capricorn and in the end of the year, they will move to Aquarius (Saturn 17th of December and, Jupiter 19th of December).  True, Saturn will test his new position in Aquarius for three months – from April 22nd until July 2nd, as if training and trying out new strategies.

Uranus will be in Taurus all year long, providing support for the earth element and the planetary cluster in Capricorn.

Neptune will be in Pisces all year long, in harmony with the planets in the Earth signs – Capricorn and Taurus.

So no tense aspects will be formed between the distant planets. But … the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions will be formed, which can mean significant transformations in political-economic life and in nature.  These conjunctions will make a strong influence in January, in April, in June-July, in November, and in the end of December, triggering massive processes of transformation. Thus, during these periods, and especially in January and June-July, major changes are expected, as well as tensions in politics, economics, international relations and possibly the activation of natural disasters.

The Lunar Nodes will change position on May 4th: they move from the Cancer-Capricorn axis to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

Mars will be in Aries for more than half a year, in a strong position, which is not very good anyway, as it coincides with Lilith’s journey in Aries that might over-promote aggression.

Lilith will change positions several times; January 23rd will move from Pisces to Aries and October 21st – from Aries to Taurus.

Selena will also change positions twice: May 16th will move from Libra to Scorpio and December 15th – from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Periods of the year

The year naturally breaks down into two parts, along the axis of the eclipses: I part January-June and II part June-December.

The first part of the year will continue last year’s lessons: to learn economics, gain practicality, transform your resources, strategize activities, but to keep in mind family,  traditions, and ecology.

June-July is the time of rethinking, as besides the three eclipses (June 5th, June 21st, July 5th) the most planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto) will move retrograde, forcing all people to revise their choices or probably to make new. ones, In addition, the powerful Jupiter-Pluto connection in Capricorn will form. This conjunction will be three times a year: it will be strongest in early April, at the turn of June and July. and the first half of November. Thus, economic-political reforms or upheavals are likely to develop during these periods, as well as outbreaks of global dissatisfaction and the need to find solutions. On the other hand, those changes are needed.

The second part of the year will bring other lessons and issues: contacts, ability to focus, communicate, learn, and turn to innovation, these qualities will be crucial in the 2021 year. In  December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will move into Aquarius and several eclipses will be on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, so essentially the new year will start this time.

What should we rely on?

Until May 25 protection will be provided by diplomacy, justice, peacefulness, wisdom in relationships, a sense of moderation – all of which will help support Selena, or the White Moon, in Libra.

From the end of May to the end of the year (December 15), protection will be provided by inner strength, the power of the spirit warrior, the ability to keep his own and alien secrets, deep spiritual practices, ability to control your own energy.

What should be avoided?

Until October 21st, aggression, impulsiveness, reckless action, anger-inducing decisions should be avoided as this would encourage Lilit in Aries manifestations.

From October 21st, the biggest downfall would bring the exaggerated pursuit of maternal values, as it would promote the expression of Lilit in Taurus.

What should we learn?

Until May 4 – we should learn sensitivity, loyalty to family, and homeland, respecting traditions and one’s origin (as Rahu would be in Cancer).

From May 4th – we should learn quick orientation, working with information, ability to communicate, learn new things, look at reality fresh, refresh your knowledge (as Rahu would be Gemini).

Predictions for zodiac signs

It is a year of challenge, ambition, desire (and opportunity) to pursue a career, but also a great risk of egocentrism explosion.  It is important to avoid anger because it can lead to bad karmic consequences.

A great year that will bring change, renewal, and growth. Your knowledge will be appreciated, you will become an authority, especially in the field of economics, and finances, you will become famous. From the end of October, it is important to guard yourself against greed, and materialism.

It is a difficult year with many challenges. You need to grow, to improve, to move forward. It is a year of transformation and discovering your true essence. Starting from May, you will find your own track, or perhaps your vocation.

It is important to listen to yourself, to your deep needs, your values ​​and adhere to them. Success will depend on being able to collaborate and/or present your activities properly, communicate with the audience, listening to their needs, but it is important doing that not to maintain your own identity.

A year will require a great deal of work, responsibility, and focusing on duties. If it is OK for you it can be a pretty good year, but not in usual Leo style.

You are among the most successful this year, probably the most successful and safest from all zodiac signs all year. Your professionalism, and ability to solve specific problems will be assessed.

A difficult year when it comes to dealing with family matters, on the other hand, maybe growing of family or moving to a larger house. It is important to listen to yourself, your inner voice, and yet keep in mind your most important goals in society.

Possible changes in your environment, relocations. Relatives, loved ones, relatives will give support, opportunities, but it is really important to travel, explore the world,  expand horizons, make contacts. From May you will obtain special protection and spiritual guidance.

Focus on earning. There are a number of resources if you take responsibility, and work with strategy. However, the sources of earnings will undergo a transformation and will require considerable effort. It is good to dive into business secrets and learn about investments.

Your hard period is coming to an end. The January eclipse has raised problems from the past. For some it is work, career changes, for others family, partnership decisions – these are more important, essential. From May will be easier to leave past problems and start a new life.

For you, it’s a year of preparation, cultivation inner strength and not the time to showcase yourself or begin major new jobs. Build strength for 2021,  strengthen your connection with your spirit and soul, open up for yourself the spiritual world, you can experience a powerful inner transformation.

The period of karmic encumbrance is coming to an end, you will return to social life. Support will be provided by friends, you can organize teams, take part in projects, but personal creation, loved ones should be the key.

In summary

Best year for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (since June).
Not a bad year for  Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.
Carrying challenges and evolutionary movement year for Gemini.
Year providing restrictions, causing consequences  Capricorn (until June), Sagittarius (since June).
Complicated, strained year for Aries, Libra.
Binding year for  Leo.
Year of spiritual work, preparation for the new cycle for Aquarius.