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2019 gruodžio-2020sausio užtemimai
16 Dec 2019

How to get through Eclipse Gateway?

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The eclipse zone in 2019 was located on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Indeed, these eclipses have raised (and continue to raise) the issues of financial management, the review of the chosen career and of essential goals. On the other hand, they highlight family issues and the need to balance career and family.

Lessons to be learned from the 2019 eclipses

The lessons of this situation are these: through discipline and strategy (Ketu in Capricorn) to gain fluidity, gentleness, understanding in the family, inner satisfaction and certainty of what we are doing (Rahu in Cancer). Ketu means the legacy of the past and Rahu means evolutionary lessons, so it is very important for the sake of career, wealth, and social status not to betray of tenderness, family, as well as one’s true deep self.

Lunar Nodes (and also the axis of eclipses) June 4th, 2020 will change their position, moving to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, highlighting other evolutionary lessons as well as other upcoming eclipses, so these two –  26/12/2019 and 10/01/2020 – completes the old cycle.

December-January Eclipse Gateway

The week before and week after the eclipse is period when we feel a strong impact of the eclipse.  So from the 19th of December, we enter the active eclipse zone, which lasts until the 17th of January. So we have a month of observing and correcting the consequences because the eclipse is at the descending Lunar node in Capricorn, where there is also a large accumulation of distant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto).

Eclipse Gateway and Eclipse period

The period of eclipses is like litmus, showing if there are concentrated problems (in this case – in family and career fields). On the other hand, it also highlights the karmic balance. So it’s a good sign if you pass the Eclipse period fairly quietly.


This is, above all, a time when family relationships are resolved. For some, it can be a divorce, for others, it would be a re-look, a transformation of relationships, and for some – deciding to create a family. More attention should be paid to children, especially if they have been neglected for career reasons. In that case, there may be unpleasant events, both at school and in law enforcement, and so on. So parents should review their duties. Is everything done well or is there something missing?


Another topic is career issues. If the work activity is expired, it may simply cease, preparing ones for a new star. There can be reminders of missed works, reports of praises for best employees and reprimands for less diligent.


  • Teeth, bones, joints will be more sensitive than usual and should be looked after.
  • Senile moods and depression may be felt even for young people (and they should try to avoid it).
  • Sensitive area is the stomach, the digestive system.
  • A big influence it has on a nervous system, stress and especially anxiety. It destroys health. One might think: ‘If the problem can be solved, I choose not to worry, but solve it. If it cannot be solved, I accept reality as it is.”

Who will be the most affected by these eclipses?

Above all, of course, Capricorns. To them it means the end of a long period of great karmic purification and a look into the past. It’s time to let out past baggage.

Second, Cancer. It is time for them to test their core values. Conversely, however, it can help to evolve, to discover an area where their abilities will be evaluated while demanding a balance of gentleness and fortitude.

Third, Aries and Libra. Forcing them to review their family-career balance can be a source of tension for these areas.

These eclipses, for Virgo and Taurus, can work best and open up quite good opportunities for them.


  • More light (the best is sunlight). Do not save on electricity, as you may have to spend money on antidepressants. The artificial light should be warm, yellowish, so close to the sunlight.
  • Make your home cozy – candles, fireplace, cushions, tablecloths don’t cost much but create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Focus on your loved ones and your family, create a cozy, intimate atmosphere at home – it is much more valuable now than noisy big events.
  • Don’t waste energy on marathons in the supermarket – you don’t need a fully-loaded cart to entertain. Overall, this period should be more energy-efficient than wasteful.
  • Don’t get overloaded with work (including organizing a celebration) and with ambitious projects, allow yourself to relax.

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