Selena, White Moon, enters Libra. What does it change?

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30 Oct 2019

Selena, White Moon, enters Libra. What does it change?

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October 16, 2019, Selena, or the White Moon, moves from Virgo to Libra zodiac sign and will be there for seven months, as usual, until May 16, 2020, and then it will move to Scorpio.

What changes does it bring?

Selena provides protection and blessing. Selena is like a Guardian Angel pointing to the brightest area of ​​the zodiac. If someone wants to get care and blessings of this angel, they must turn to the bright features of the zodiac sign where Selena travels. So until October 16 protection was provided by the virtues of Virgo – such as modesty, diligence, responsibility, etc. Now the situation has changed: the blessing, protection and also purification of the guardian angel touches the representatives and areas of the Libra sign.

Which are the areas of Libra?

These are all activities related to

  • arts (especially design, fashion),
  • beauty treatments and products (cosmetics, perfumery, etc.),
  • as well as all kinds of mediation, and representation,
  • law and justice, diplomacy,
  • representative events, meetings, conferences.

These areas will experience both support and purification. However, success in these fields requires keeping ethics, moderation, balance, harmony, and justice.

During this period you can restore yourselves better than usual in beautiful nature, theaters, concerts, art galleries, and other cultural events.

So it’s the right time for …

  • wedding and engagement ceremonies;
  • various mediation and dating services;
  • arts and artists (especially fashion, design);
  • beauty treatments, services, business in these areas;
  • organizing cultural events;
  • representative events;
  • people working with the audience, publicity;
  • various consulting activities;
  • building and strengthening partnership;
  • restoring justice, for law process.

What should be avoided?

  • Aggression – especially from January 27, 2020, when Lilith, the Black Moon, enters Aries.
  • Demonstration of disgust, promoting disharmony.
  • Creating extreme situations, dramas, tension.
  • Adultery, breaking of contracts.
  • Rudeness, uncultured, insolent behavior.

Why? Because such actions not only destroy Selena’s protection, but it can also attract retribution, loss, especially in relationships, beauty, and law.

What should be pursued?

Libra is connected with balance, peace, beauty, and harmony.

  • It is the pursuit of peaceful, diplomatic, relationship-friendly compliance.
  • It is a loyal partnership, loyalty to partners, and mutual support.
  • It is polite communication, etiquette, adherence to the rules of cultural elegance accepted by society.
  • It is creating beauty, trying to spread it wherever possible.
  • It is elegance, a sense of tact, moderation, symmetry.
  • It is choosing the right time and place.
  • It is justice and responsibility, balancing interests, looking for long-distance agreements.

These features will provide protection and open good possibilities.

Beauty is believed to save the world. Beauty, peace, harmony, as consciously perceived values, are becoming very important to be pursued in our daily lives. To find the point of meeting for opposing interests, for opposing views, the point of balance, the wishdom, patience, and justice – it is what the world desperately needs now.

Peace and the pursuit of harmony do not imply weakness – on the contrary, they show great strength, perseverance, and wisdom, patience, and love. So I wish it to all of us!

You can read more about Selena here:

Selena, or the White Moon, is not a planet in astrology, but it is one of the so-called “Virtual objects” related to the relationship between the Moon and Earth. To be precise, this is the point where the Earth and the Moon interact most closely, the Earth receiving the most light from the Moon. In karmic astrology, it is associated with the Guardian Angel, divinity, altruism. The area – both the zodiac sign and astrological house – in which the White Moon resides in the moment of birth receives special protection, a blessing from the noble, unselfish deeds of our past. In the human character, the White Moon signifies the virtues that were formed in past lives. The person himself is more confident and feels safe in the field where Selena abides.

It would be difficult to explain, in the context of one life, why one person exhibits a certain potential and virtues from early childhood and another does not. But as soon as we realize that the soul has many incarnations, everything comes into its own place.


If White Moon is in Aries in the natal horoscope, it means that person has dignity and virtue of courage that they grew in past lives. They might have been a noble warrior boldly defending their homeland, perhaps even sacrificed their life in the battle, and they would carry that calm courage through future lives as an acquired light force, as a treasure.


If White Moon is in Taurus in the natal horoscope, it means that the person has formed a bright, harmonious relationship with well-being, with wealth. They are worth of well-being in their life. This does not mean that they will be fabulously rich (though they may be), but will always have what they need to live a normal and comfortable life.


If White Moon is in Gemini, the person has a bright experience of communication, is simple, accessible, and therefore has access to important information. Their relationship with siblings, neighbors is also good.


If White Moon is in Cancer,  the person has the virtue of gentleness and devotion. They value ​​family, homeland and deserve a good family. They are especially strongly protected by ancestors, the walls of their own home, which makes it better for them to live without leaving their homeland.


If White Moon is in Leo, then the person has been a good, generous, just ruler, a creator who has honestly passed the trials of power. They can be entrusted with authority, as they certainly will not abuse it.


If White Moon is in Virgo, then the person has developed the virtues of duty and modesty. Perhaps they were a doctor who saved lives, perhaps through a different ministry. This makes them worthy of good health and in case of illness a good doctor or access to their own healing powers.


If White Moon is in Libra, then the person has developed a sense of justice, harmony, beauty, great sense of form. They were a great, loyal partner, and they succeed in partnership as well. They can handle legal matters, contracts as they have excellent experience in this field.


If White Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the person is something like a spirit warrior, a white mage. They can ignite the light of the esoteric work, the courage gained in spiritual, energy battles. They will receive help in extreme situations and can be successful saviors.


If White Moon is in Sagittarius, such a person is a bright man of faith, is optimistic and this can successfully guide them and others through many difficult situations in life. This will provide protection on their travels, success abroad, give spiritual and social authority.


If White Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, it means that one has developed asceticism, fortitude, a deep sense of responsibility. They will not be overwhelmed by any difficulty and can be entrusted with the responsibilities of a manager. These people are capable of maintaining stability in difficult situations.


If White Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the person has done a lot by setting other people free and is therefore worthy of freedom and choice. This position provides blessing in fields of research, science, astrology and loyal friendship.


If White Moon is in Pisces, then person has developed spirituality. Maybe they were an elevated artist, or maybe a monk who was able to communicate with God to spread divinity to others. Subtlety is its positive attribute. Their prayers have a strong transformative potential.


So all human beings, if born on Earth, have White Moon somewhere in their horoscope at the time of their birth, but this virtual point isn’t equally strong in all cases. If there are planets nearby, then it acquires a great power of action, illuminating those planets as if touched by the Guardian Angel, giving them blessing, protection, and prosperity. That area is protected, and we can rely on it in both difficult and crucial moments. Although Selena isn’t a planet, but a virtual point, it has a huge impact on destiny, sometimes much significant than planets. Because it is connected with a person’s good karma collected on Earth.