Selena Mergelėje. Ką ji suteikia mums visiems?

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Selena Mergeleje
15 Aug 2019

What does Selena in Virgo give to all of us?

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What is Selena?

Selena is not a planet, but a mathematically calculated point related to the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, or,  precisely, it’s proximity to the Earth, when Moon receives most of the Sun’s light to reflect (well, to reflect Sun’s light is one of the Moon’s functions).

In a karmic sense, Selena expresses a luminous karmic work, protection, and blessing to the soul, and, as an angelic guardian, it protects and provides divine support to the house and sign on which travels.

Selena in Persian astrology  (Avesta) is the point of least egoism and greatest altruism, showing where we have done most good actions unselfishly without expecting a reward, but reward always comes…  It manifests itself as a calm conscience, cleanliness and clear perception, with the ability to have well-being in the area where Selena is (as health, finance, relationships, etc.). Selena, on the other hand, gives as much as we need for the whole well-being and, on the contrary, she can take away from our life something, which would lead us to degradation. So even though Selena doesn’t have a physical body, this point works very hard.

Western astrology knows not so much about Selena, but you can find a lot of important information about it in Persian astrology (Avesta).

Selena, or the White Moon in Virgo

In March 16th Selena entered Virgo and will be here until October 16th. As she moves in Virgo, Selena gives protection and care to the Virgin’s areas, illuminating and purifying Virgin qualities. We can and should rely on them for protection, support, and bliss. On the other hand, we can use them to address the issues of work and health, as they relate to Virgo.

What are its features?

Diligence, professionalism, order. Selena in Virgo shows that it is good to be patient and diligent in her work, to stay on time, to meet deadlines – which shows responsibility and respect for others.

Modesty, simplicity, caring. Boasting, self-importance is incompatible with Selena in Virgo – let your works speak for you. Love must be manifested in the willingness to help and concrete help, service, not self-importance, but care for the world around us.

Relationship with nature, respect and care for plants and animals. The desire for concrete help, the care of all living beings, regardless of rank, opens up the support of Mother Earth, the opportunity to heal herself and the world.

Purity, cleanliness. It focuses on purity, cleanliness – through which comes great protection. Therefore, in this period, it is important to strive for all kinds of cleanliness, both physical, feelings and thoughts. It would be a good time to be cleansed, cleansed, both your body and your thoughts and feelings, to get rid of harmful habits that poison your body and pollute your soul. It would be natural to notice the dirt more and want to remove it and clean it if you want to align with the protection and care provided by Selena.

Sober mind and lifestyle. Sober is close to cleanness – it is deception and deception, the desire and ability to see, as it really is, stunning illusions.

The influence of Selena in Virgo on representatives of various zodiac signs

After moving from Leo to Virgo, Selena provides protection and care for the Earth. Especially, of course, for the representatives of the Virgo zodiac, and indirectly for Taurus as well, highlighting the current difficult situation for Capricorn.

For Aries, she clarifies work and health;
For Taurus – love, children, creation;
For Gemini – family, home, real estate;
For Cancer – immediate environment, close travel and neighbors;
For Leo – earnings;
For Virgo – maintains personality expression, realization;
For Libra – Back, Spiritual Practice, Psychological Health;
For Scorpio – friends and dreams;
For Sagittarius – career, essential goals;
For Capricorn – elevation, authority, overseas travel and higher education;
For Aquarius – partner’s financial, business, magic power;
For Pisces the area of ​​partnership.
Again, Selena will only provide protection for these areas if they are kept in the simplicity, purity, modesty and care. There is also the opportunity to clarify, remove obstacles in these areas, understanding their causes and choosing more ethical behaviors. Selena’s key to success in this position is her sincere desire to help others in a concrete way, to be helpful, to provide service, care, businesslikeness, simplicity, modesty and utmost cleanliness.

Favorable colors

When Selena goes to Virgo for greater protection, the blessings of earth and colors: ocher, ivory or beige, pastel moss green, other creamy shades of yellow, brown and green. On the other hand, it is bright, rich green and chocolate brown.

Right now it’s time to

  • cleanse the body, move to a healthier diet;
  • detoxication procedures;
  • start a course of treatment, find a good doctor and treatments;
  • interest in herbs, other natural remedies, make herbs tinctures, blends;
  • discover, awaken the powers of healing within oneself;
  • start activities related to treatment, healing, wellness, hygiene;
  • balance the agenda, work and rest;
  • refrain from harmful habits, like drugs, alcohol, cigarets.
  • arrange workplace, documents;
  • clean house, environment;
  • purchase a pet;
  • фoster a garden;
  • spend more time in nature;
  • join ecological movements.