Archetipiniai planetų ir zodiako ženklų mineralai

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Planetų mineralai, planetų akmenys, zodiako zenklų mineralai
12 Jun 2019

Archetypal minerals, related to planets and zodiac signs

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Minerals related to planets

Personal Planets

The minerals and metals of 5 personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars – are suitable for most of us, excluding the diamond. It is the matter what combinations and where on the body it should be worn. This can be a very individual.

The Solar mineral is a sunstone and a diamond and its metal is gold. They are related to consciousness, realization, creativity.
The Lunar mineral is the lunar stone, its metal is silver. They are related to emotions, motherhood.
Mercury’s mineral is mountain crystal quartz. It is about thinking, communicating.
Venus mineral is pink quartz, its metal is copper. It is about love and prosperity.
Mars mineral is red coral, its metal is iron. It is about courage, willpower.
So one mineral will active consciousness, creativity, the other – feelings, the third – mind, the fourth – sympathy and attractiveness, the fifth – willpower and determination. These are different components of our personalities, but, as a matter of fact, a particular effect will depend on planets’ position in the horoscope, sign, and house. So, for example, Venus mineral does not necessarily bring romantic love though it may. Maybe Venus in your horoscope is related to spiritual practices or challenges or artistic abilities, but not partnership?  So the mineral will activate the position of the planet as it appears in your natal horoscope.

Social Planets

Minerals of 2 Social Planets – Jupiter and Saturn – can also be quite universal, suitable for many. They are broadly related to social activity, responsibility, strength, leadership.

Jupiter’s mineral is turquoise. It is about authority, success.
Saturn’s mineral is amethyst and black agate. It is about strategy, discipline, soberness.

Modern planets

The minerals of the 3 Modern Planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – are not suitable for everyone. They are Distant Planets, associated with freedom, spiritual maturity, and tasks in the collective consciousness. A person must grow for that.

Uranus mineral is lazurite. It is about freedom, innovations, and insight.
Neptune’s mineral is aquamarine. It is about inspiration, creation, and spirituality..
Pluto’s mineral is hematite. It is about power and transformation.

Minerals related to zodiac signs

A resilient point in choosing a mineral or metal for permanent wear can be the Sun’s ruler – planet, managing the zodiac sign in which Sun resides. However, this should not be done without consideration. It should be realized that mineral or metal of choice will not necessarily be the main one, and it may be it will need to be combined with other minerals and metals in a certain way – much depends on the whole horoscope. Nevertheless, we must start from something if we want to choose. Then naturally

Aries is close to steel, coral, garnet, ruby.
Taurus – to pink quartz.
Gemini – to crystal quartz, agates.
Cancer – to silver, moonstone.
Leo – to gold, sunstone, diamond, ruby.
Virgo – to crystal quartz, jasper, jade.
Libra – to pink quartz, copper.
Scorpio – to topaz, hematite.
Sagittarius – to turquoise, sapphire.
Capricorn – to amethyst, black agate.
Aquarius-  to lazurite, chrysoprase.
Pisces – to aquamarine, sea pearls.
In addition to the base, there are still minerals that complement the qualities.

The general principles of minerals’ selection are here: