Age crises in human life

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28 May 2019

Age crises of human life

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What are the crises of human life?

They are basically related hard aspects (square, opposition, sometimes and conjunct) of the distant planets. These hard aspects mean problems and crises connected with:

Jupiter (12-year cycle) – authority, justice, success in society.
Saturn (about 30 years) – discipline, responsibility, maturity, and aging.
Uranus (about 84 years old) – change, innovation, renewal.
Neptune (about 165 years) – spirituality, dreams, creative inspiration.
Pluto (about 248 years) – transformation, passion, extreme situations.
Lunar Nodes (18.6 years) –  mission in life.
Lilith ( 9 years) – temptation, egoism.
Selena (7 years) – light protection, virtues.

7-8 years. The first distancing from parents. Square of Saturn is associated with the rejection of discipline, responsibility, senior people. “I’ll do it myself”. In this period happens the first denial of adults, the desire to break out of their care.

14-15 years. Adolescent crisis. Saturn’s opposition and Uranus sextile are associated with breaking rules in demand freedom. “Parents are annoying, the school is a nuisance, and adults don’t know anything at all. Get off me,” it is a typical teenage position. They need to rebel, they need to look for their identity.

18-19 years. Exit to Self-sufficient Life. It’s the first return of Nodes, the second return of Lilith and Jupiter’s opposition. On the one hand, young people have a great knowledge of what should be done in life (what vocation should be listened to by both young people and their parents), but Lilith tempts to just enjoy life, break moral norms, take care only of oneself. Jupiters opposition is also forcing a confrontation with the social norms, for the establishment of authority.

28-30 years. The moment of maturity. The first return of Saturn means maturity, assumption of responsibility. “Hello, adult world. And what’s next?” Again, Jupiter’s opposition brings tension and worrying about own authority.

38-42 years. The Middle Age Crisis. The return of Nodes at 38-40 for people, who had ignored the call of mission at 18, can be a particularly painful time: health, relationships, the business may collapse. And they may think: “I have spent half of life and what do I have? What am I doing with my life?”. For those on their true way, it is a time of the influx of power, receiving new admiring possibilities, enthusiasm.

About 42 years is the time of Uranus opposition and Neptune’s square. The first one returns to adolescence – adults start fooling like teenagers: some buying sports cars, some become bikers, some leaves their partner for the younger. It is all out of fear become outdated, become old. And that renewal, that youthful stupidity, that pursuit of freedom is necessary in order to stop just waiting for retirement, to see own eternal spirit.

Well, Neptune’s square brings forth a sense of meaninglessness, the illusion of this reality, and the transience. Some are devastated to depression, some seek a bottle, while some are looking for yoga classes or discover meditation. The humans need to experience divinity, distance themselves from domestic problems and survival needs – remembering that they are an eternal boundless spirit too. So if spirituality is not yet discovered or it is forgotten because of domestic-social concerns, it is the right time to remember it, think about it: “What am I here on Earth. Halfway as it goes, but there is still time – I only must check my direction”.

Well, this Mid-century crisis is like an alarm clock: “Wake up. Don’t oversleep the rest of life”. It’s salvation, though sometimes quite painful.

The crisis means that it is not possible to live as before, that some changes – even a lap  –  have be made, the usual track has ended or it is no longer satisfactory. The crisis is necessary for reorientation, leaving the comfort zone. It requires a challenge. In the face of the crisis, there are two ways: to become a victim and to end, crush or look for new ways, new beginning, to become even stronger, even wiser, more inventive. Maybe it’s worth it?

50-54 years. And where’s my place? Disorientation, Authority Crisis. At 50-51, Chiron first (and perhaps for the only time) returns to his place,  Saturn, Jupiter, and Lunar Nodes are forming squares to their natal position, and even Pluto trine is not always easy to stand. All this forces us to re-examine relationships and our place in society. On the one hand, the acquired status is unsatisfactory or starts to fade (where the younger, more arduous ones come to the arena), the passage of time is more painful, it is not clear what to do in future. It seems that time for new life goals is too late despite energy and desire. It is a period of some disorientation, which can be quite good if Chiron in the natal chart is in a good position: then one discovers satisfaction in relationships, gains more wisdom, diplomacy. At 54, Jupiter’s opposition, along with Lilit’s return, may push one into frustration, nihilism, and destruction. It is very important during this crisis to keep faith in the meaningfulness of the world and in patience in seeking meaningful activities.

60-63 years old. Facing results. Maybe it’s not even a crisis, but a manifestation of the results. At 60, Jupiter and Saturn return to their place. Before retirement, some are happy about the results of their activities, their authority, the opportunity to have more time for spiritual life, plan what they will do when they leave their work activities. Others focus on aching bones, lack of resources and the burden of the year, painfully experiencing loneliness.

63 years. It is the time of Uranus square and the return of Selena and Lilit to their place at the same time. Uranus forces us to rebel against expectations of how you should look and live. And well, you need that rebellion, not to boredom, routine, to challenge oneself, to look at life in a new way. Selena and Lilith can both open up the nondual point of view and the wisdom associated with it, show that everything is one and give profound knowledge of cause-effect relationships.

84 years old. And once again? It is a time of returns: Uranus, Jupiter, and Selena return to their natal positions, while Nodes are forming opposition. It’s like going back to a clean sheet of paper, next to a new cycle, through the freedom, carried by Uranus. It is a time when you become an old man in zen style or simply an old man with a glimpse of heavenly bliss – loving, understanding, and inclusive, but not attaching, not embezzling, because it is impossible to embezzle anything out of this life.