Lilith passed to Pisces.

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Lilit Žuvyse
8 May 2019

Lilith has entered Pisces. What does it mean?

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On May 3, Lilith passed from Aquarius to Pisces. What does mean for us?

Lilith meaning in karmic astrology

Lilith or Black Moon is a mathematically calculated point, so-called virtual object, related to the Moon orbit around the Earth. Lilith period is 9 years, it takes 9 months in one sight. This virtual object comes from Persian astrology but recently has got attention in western astrology too and not without a good reason. Although it is not a planet, it can act quite strongly,  somewhat differently than the planets do.

Lilith in astrology is associated with the greatest temptations and major fall possibilities because of excessive egoism creating bad karma. The birth horoscope sign where Lilith is abiding is a risky area, there are more temptations; therefore, it is more difficult to see the real situation, to find the right way there. On the other hand, karmic debts are accumulated in this place.
Well, as Lilith passes through the zodiac signs, she obscures certain areas: the activities and qualities touched by Black Moon can lead to falling, to creating troubles, to becoming involved in inconvenient stories. Of course, knowing about this should not fuel fears, misconceptions or fatalism, but encourage the development of virtues in this area. Because Lilit is associated with excessive egoism, modesty and awareness should be used as an antidote for it.

Lilith in Pisces

Lilith in Pisces brings temptations and therefore troubles connected with mental health, nervous system, with alcohol and drugs, illusions, suicide, depression, accidents in water, especially in oceans and seas, dangers of black magic and dark rituals. it is important this period to avoid non-harmonious features of the Pisces such as fatalism, the victim syndrome, whining, helplessness, as well as intrigues, confusion, deception, and parasitism. Intoxication with drugs, alcohol, as well as illusions would be especially dangerous, and this tendency might be exacerbated by the influence of Lilith. It is especially so since there is Neptune in the Pisces in a strong position too.
Another temptation is to become selfish, self-conscious. So it is a meaningful challenge for all of us to stay compassionate without becoming a helpless victim or an indifferent, insensitive person this period.
Countries of Pisces, such as Israel, Nepal, most of the islands, in general, are less favorable during this period, as well depth as depths of the sea, the ocean, and its coast. More care should be taken in water. Opaque, dirty water,  extreme, risky entertainment in the sea should be avoided this period. The consequences of water contamination may be painful.
Challenges can come from the professions associated with Pisces: it can be a more challenging time for sailors, pharmacists, psychologists and psychiatrists, artists, yoga, meditation teachers and priests. In general, these areas can be scandalous, charlatans intensify, and spiritual people can be tainted.
It will be more difficult for people with addictions or unstable minds – due to increased anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies.
This is a more difficult time for Pisces zodiac sign and people with a planetary stellium in Pisces  (you can see the positions of your planets here).

What is the antidote for that?

Excessive mystification, illusions, infiltration of emotions, the romanticising of sadness should be avoided, instead, you would seek simplicity, truth, and love, using patience and common sense.

Don’t go into the twilight zone. Don’t go into the maze – it could be difficult to find your way back.

The opposition of Selena and Lilith

Lilith has her bright sister – Selena. Lilith must not be taken alone, because both are connected with Moon crossing orbit around the Earth. You should always look at these two objects in a combination because they are related. Now they set a clear demarcation between good and evil, egoism with which Lilith is involved, and the wholeness to which Selena relates because Selena and Lilith are recently in opposition, Pisces-Virgo axis (Lilith’s cycle – 9, Selena’s cycle – 7 years).
So we will get help from Selena and look at it, as well as introduce the positive traits of Virgo in which Selena is currently traveling. And that’s all about cleanliness, soberness, care, common sense, clarity, responsibility, willingness to help and modesty.
These Virgo qualities are also well suited to the programs of the Rahu in Cancer, expressing evolutionary tasks of this period, so it is worthwhile to rely on them – this way we will get protection and make a big evolutionary step forward.

Brief recommendations for this period

  • Avoid any kind of intoxication – physical, spiritual or emotional (drugs, illusions, etc.);
  • do not lure yourself into a bohemian way of life, strange mysterious cults and rituals;
  • don’t get into intrigues and illusions;
  • avoid loneliness, depression, victicism, masochism;
  • seek transparency and clarity;
  • do not abandon spiritual values, do not allow them to blacken, but avoid exaltation and  absconding from reality;
  • perform your duties honestly;
  • feel compassion, mercy, hope, help those who are suffering, but don’t be naive;
  • cherish the life and its glow, vitality;
  • be careful in water and near it;
  • Bright colors, natural tones (green, ocher, yellow, brownish and pinkish) are more favorable than dark (dark purple, black and dark blue aren’t very favorable at this time).