Sun in Taurus, or let's speak about prosperity

Prosperity in our live
Sun in Taurus
25 Apr 2019

Sun in Taurus, or let’s speak about prosperity

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Sun moves in Taurus, so it’s the right time to think about wellness, abundance. This period (April 20- May 21) is perfect not only for sorting out of your finances but also taking a fresh look at your sources of prosperity, because Uranus, the planet of changes and innovations travels together with Sun in this period (Uranus will be in Taurus for 7 years and it will bring some evident changes in financial and economic systems).

How to gain prosperity in your life?

First, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What does prosperity mean for you? Is it mainly harmonious relationships, more free time, long holidays, or an interesting job? In what areas do you have great prosperity and in what areas would you like to expand or gain it? For some prosperity is a lot of travel, exploring the world and for some, it would be the own plot of land and ability to spend more time with their family.
  • What qualities should be developed first to gain more prosperity? Maybe it’s diligence, maybe responsibility, courage or strength? Or maybe it is even more important to get rid of some flaw such as jealousy, laziness, fear of taking responsibility or inertia? What is it in your case?

If you want to gain prosperity

Do not be overwhelmed by the well-being of other people, but be happy that it is possible for them to create prosperity. If you think everyone with wealth is wicked, well-being will surely run away from you. If you make it impossible for people who have created wealth with their talents and hard work existing in your world, it means that you closed yourself in hell of poverty and/or evil.
Turn to charismatic people – talented, successful, intelligent, active (because such people exists, don’t they). Be happy with their success. Learn from them, rejoice in their success, as it is the promise of your success.
Do not confront well-being (material also) with spirituality, morality – let these qualities go together. We often do that confrontation for fear of becoming greedy, materialistic. But instead of fear, we can turn to consciousness. Wicked people exist in all social levels. Spiritual, virtual, honest people – do too.
Feel gratitude for the prosperity you already have. It is best to start (and finish) every day by looking at the abundance you have and thanking for healthy body and soul, for the abundance of things that serve you, for relationships with close people, for a clear mind, for   the spirit in your life, for the shining sun, and so on, and so on … Such is the principle of life: things in your focus grow, and the ones who do not receive attention shrink.
Feel love to the Earth, take care of it:  plant trees, flowers, and guard animals. Cherish all live beings and things what belongs to you.  It’s logical: if you don’t care about abundance which you have, why should you have more?
Stop thinking of yourself as a poor man: it does not mean wasting money, living beyond your means. You can live modestly with dignity, joy, creativity, and freedom, and you can have thousands and scream all the time about scarcity feeling a beggar. So it is better to say yourself, “I share my time, attention and resources in the best way for me. I am a divine spirit. I choose what I want to develop in my life. I am happy with what I have. If I have problems, I find solutions for them.”  This means taking responsibility for your life. What you keep on repeating to yourself you fulfill at last. It’s only a matter of time.

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