April brings activity and inspiration

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1 Apr 2019

April brings activity and inspiration

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April is one of the best months of the year. The beginning of the year was difficult with eclipses in January, Lilith’s brought chaos in February, while retrograde Mercury stopped communication and document handling in March. In April, both activity and inspiration will suffice: Sun will travel in a vigorous Aries for the most part of the month, giving initiative and courage for a new beginning, while Mars brings the mental activity and the willingness to learn, Venus and Mercury in Pisces will grant us romance, sensitivity, and creative inspiration.

Part I – Completion – April 1-4th

The moon will be waning, unfavorable to any new work. It’s mostly quiet days, good for turning inside and for routine work, with 4th as the exception – better avoid not only important decisions but even planing this day. Better to clean your body and your house this time, preparing for the new cycle.

Part II – Aries – April 5-19th

April 5th, 11:50 pm, it would be a New Moon in Aries. It is a favorable moment to accumulate courage for a new start,  perhaps for beginning sport or creation activities. The best days are 7 and 8th. Why? Because Sun will be in the vigorous Aries, giving courage for action and desire to look into the world freshly.  Jupiter will move straight ahead until 10th evening and then will turn retrograde. So, the most important works, where development is desired, better begin on April 7-8th.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will nicely complement the power of Sun with the power of faith (Sun-Jupiter’s trine on 4th). Pluto and Saturn will co-operate with Venus and Mercury (Mercury-Pluto sextile on 11th, Venus-Saturn sextile on 12th). So there will be an excellent In-Yan energy balance this month,   both activity and sensitivity will be enough. The month is good for both active and passive people. The refreshing Sun, providing courage and activity, will be complemented by the subtle, cunning Venus in its strong position and intuitive Mercury in Pisces, both favoring arts, spiritual practices, psychology studies, beauty, spirituality. Mars, traveling through Gemini, will support Sun, giving the impulse to research, encouraging knowledge, learning new things, and pursuing diversity.

Part III – Taurus – April 20-30th

From 20th onwards, when the Sun enters to Taurus, the situation will change, gain more practicality, workmanship, however, In-Yan balance will remain, as Mercury and Venus will enter Aries at the same time. So instead of fire-water, a combination of earth-fire elements will come into being. It is going to be a less sensual, romantic, but more active and pragmatic period. Significant correction to this period will be caused by the fact that Sun will travel through Taurus this year together with Uranus – the planet of changes and innovations, so it will seem electrified, inspired by the spirit of innovation (exact Sun-Uranus conjunction occurs on 23rd). This will encourage not only Taurus people (but especially them!) to bring innovations and a fresh look up to their life, especially their finances, their body, practical matters, and to learn how to manage that a new way, to innovate these areas.

So April is a good time

  • to clean the body (1-4th);
  • begin sport activities (from 5th);
  • take a meditation or some creativity class, psychology studies (from 5th)
  • start a new business (7-8th);
  • start something new that you have been putting off so far;
  • in general, to learn courage, determination, and develop these qualities;
  • for financial innovation, transformation (from 20th);
  • for finding new sources of prosperity, new look, and perspective to your finances.

If you want prosperity and success – take a fresh look and a new start with inspiration,  be active, balance intuition, creativity and practicality.