What qualities Sun in Pisces is giving?

Astrology forecast: Sun in Pisces
26 Feb 2019

What qualities Sun in Pisces is giving?

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From February 19th to March 20th, Sun travels through the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. This is the beginning of a better period this year, a good time for creativity, beauty, spiritual practices, recreation, charity activities, all activities that require subtlety, creativity, survival of beauty – both material and spiritual – compassion, a superficial attitude on spiritual things. This year Sun in Pisces will be supported by planetary clusters in earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn), giving material foundation to creative inspiration.

What qualities Sun in Pisces is giving to us?

 Sun is here in Neptune’s home, where Venus is exalted. It is a sign that is double-marked with a beauty – both external and internal, because Venus expresses earthly beauty and love, while Neptune represents unconditional love, and spirituality. Here Sun finds itself in a mature position where the integrity of the world is deeply perceived; there it is understood that everything is one, that it is a unifying, all-pervading source, no matter what name we call it: God, Creator, the Spirit, the Absolute … So unselfish giving away, sacrificed to others become possible, because in essence is given to others, is given to oneself as well. Boundaries between phenomena and objects are illusions – so strong on the physical level and gradually melting when viewing from above, from the spiritual level. “Everything is created from the Spirit and returns to it. Forms are constantly changing, but they are bathed in the Spirit,” – such is the Mystery of Sun in Pisces.

Prayers, unconditional love, power of sacrifice, sacredness, inspired creation, deep connection with the Creator, the blissful experience of divinity are the gifts given by Sun in Pisces.

And what specific qualities does Sun in Pisces give to the newborn and what do it teach all of us?

Romance and subtlety. These are very romantic people with subtle feelings. It is important for them to feel, to spread love, beauty and harmony.

Creativity, inspiration and fantasy. These people seem to hear the music of the spheres, have a subtle taste, perfectly manage both the brush and the voice or plasticity of the body. It is a sign of artists and inspired creators.

Spirituality and deep faith. These are deeply feeling people who have the power of faith and prayer, the ability to communicate deeply with the spirit, to survive divinity. This position of  Sun gives the ability to see and feel the spirit, to communicate with it.

Intuition and  deep feelings. This position directs the consciousness towards inner experiences, gives introversion: inner life is more important than external effects. Often these people have skills of the medium – they can “extract” the secret information, know profoundly the nature of the human being, see through the secrets of his soul – so they can be great psychiatrists, psychologists, and spies.

Compassion, sacrifice and selflessness. Pisces is the most compassionate sign of all the Zodiac Signs: it will help even their enemies or those, whom they don’t like. These people are not only sensitive to the pain, misery of others, but also ready to help, guard, and save those who seem to be unable to help. That’s why you can work well in social security, with people with disabilities etc.

Pisces: negative qualities and flaws

 Inconsistency. Mostly, they find calculations hard, so it is better for the partner to take care of practical things. Still, for a noble cause, they can take up home affairs, deal with routine and work hard.

Victim syndrome, fatalism and sectarianism. Because of their willingness to help everyone, they can neglect their lives by resolving problems of others, while ignoring their own; by not being able to say ‘no’ and stand for their interests, by submerging into pity, fatalism and by  allowing others to exploit themselves, to parasitize at their expense.

Illusions, intrigue. The wild imagination can create illusions and they can be too confused to see reality – where they are, where they are not. The unwillingness to fight openly can push them to intrigues.

Dizziness, tendency to bohemian life style. Because of running away from reality and the desire to see divine world, representatives of Pisces can begin to create that “perfect” reality by immersing themselves in bohemian pleasures, degrading to the husk (are found most alcoholics among representatives of Pisces and Scorpions).

Recommendations when Sun is traveling through Pisces

It’s a great time

For creativity, for the arts: join an art studio,  take up dance or singing, take action to create beauty.

Spirituality, profound self-knowledge: take  a yoga or  a meditation course, develop your intuition. It is a great time to find yourself  the power of prayer, connection to divinity, the spirit in yourself or immerse yourself  into the studies of psychology.

For cultural events: visit a concert or  an art gallery. If you are an artist, host an exhibition.

For romantic meetings: arrange a date with your partner, throw a romantic party for your loved ones (even carnival, why not?), bring romance to your relationships.

Charity initiatives: organize support campaigns to express your love for all living beings. A sense of compassion is natural for Man and everybody feels  in their soul where their help is most needed: be it afflicted animals, the homeless, the disabled or the orphans … By expressing compassion, we experience divinity, giving sense to our existence.

For recreation: visit a spa,  take a detoxification course, go on a sea trip,  clean your body.