New Moon in Aquarius and a Dream Map

It's time to make a Dream map
New Moon in Aquarius, Dream Map, Dream board
4 Feb 2019

New Moon in Aquarius and a Dream Map

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New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 4th) is also a beginning of the Chinese New Years. Aquarius is connected with freedom, friendship, large social projects and dreams. By Feng Shui system it’s the best time to make a Dream map (or Dream boar). This must be done from the New Moon and finished until the Full Moon in Aquarius.

How to make a Dream Map (Dream Board)?

First of all, give yourself time, create a cozy atmosphere, meditate in peace, let yourself see your dreams without stress or limitation. Say to yourself, “I am worth wealth, love, respect, creativity, good relationships. It’s basically very human, natural. It doesn’t harm anyone. It’s just creating a more beautiful, better world. My dreams don’t harm the world – they help the world, collaborate with it.”.
Prepare a large piece of paper in advance (or use a board). Divide it into nine sectors.

Fengshui Dream Map

Starting from the center, gradually sectors are filled with photos, pictures. In this way you create a Dream Map including the most important areas of human life.
Me (health). In the center should be your beautiful photo where are you healthy, happy, luminous.
Career.What you want to achieve at work, career? What does a successful career mean to you? To be a boss? Good office? Achieving valuable goals? Choose what images would represent and express it better.
Knowledge.What kind of knowledge do you want to obtain? What kind of knowledge do you need to improve to achieve your goals? Maybe foreign language? Or driving license? Some course, diploma? Or maybe just dive into the treasures of wisdom in the library or virtual space?
Family.There can be moments of family holidays, family photos, where you are happy,  supportive for each other. It is your roots, origins, foundation.
Wealth. What does wealth mean to you? Money  or health? Good house? Long vacation on the beach? Let yourself dream about experiencing a sense of well-being.  Do not rush into stereotypes. On the other hand, if you are dreaming about a car or villa, a certain amount of money,  bring the corresponding image into the prosperity sector.
Honor. Maybe you want to become a celebrity, a creator or inventor? Or maybe just a perfect mom? See where and for what you are honored, the recognition of your service or work. What do you want to be recognised for? You can see yourself standing on a stage or as a sport champion? Or maybe people are thankful for lives that you saved, because you are a doctor or a firefighter? Let yourself be honoured, appreciated. It’s natural and right. After all, you are trying to do the best to help people.
Love, partnership.Usually photos of happy couples are placed in this sector. If you already have a partner, bring picture, where you and your partner are happy. If you didn’t find your love yet, bring a picture of the prince of princess of your dreams, or romantic dinner with candles or … What does love mean for you? What kind of partner do you want, what kind of love? On the other hand, having a more relevant business partnership, you also can place here the photos of business-reliable partners, nice moments with the close friends (in essence, it is a sector of relationships).
Children, creativity.Those who want to have children bring here the pictures of the babies. For others, it is just a sector of creative, realized projects. Ask yourself what you want to create this year? Write a book, paint a picture, give birth to a baby? Creation can occur in the different ways.
Patron, travel. Patrons, guardians may be earthly or divine. For some it’s angels and saints, for others – his boss or some celebrity. Ask yourself who are your most important patron and place his image to this sector. It also includes travels as well. Bring here the pictures of the countries where you want to travel.
The map should be completed during the growing moon phase. Best days for this is  Feb. 6, 7, 8.
The best is to place this Dream map (or Dream Board) in the bedroom. You should avoind demonstrating it publicly (but members of family can see it). It is your personal dialogue with the spirit.
I wish that Your dialogue would be bright, full of love and humanity, creating possibilities, not fears, allowing yourself and others to be happy and free.