2019 Year for Zodiac signs

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2019 year for Zodiac signs
22 Jan 2019

2019 year for Zodiac signs

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Aries. A vibrant, ambitious year. Changes that have taken 7 years should end. You can become famous, become an authority in some field if you expand your view, might study or travel. You have an opportunity to earn a lot, if you use innovations, might find new job. Career will take a lot of time and attention, but it’s really important to take care of family. So reconciling family and career is a crucial year’s challenge. January and July are especially challenging: they may arise and require a solution to the old problems, connected with career and family: take care of your health,  not over-stretch in every sense this time.
Taurus. This year will start a crucial period of change that will last for 7 years. It’s first chords were heard last spring. After rethinking, checking, in the middle of March you will begin a vigorous start. It’s a good year to start and expand a business but you should keep it in secret. Main thing this year is not a popularity but constant update of information, learning and good communication.
Gemini. It’s not time for brightness or risk, but for creating a stable foundation step by step, although some may be living quite good from the partner’s money or from investments. Success depends from  the ability to negotiate with partners, cooperate and to be able to present themselves to  public in a good style. In career creativity will be necessary, which is beneficial for those working in the beauty field. If this is not the case, work can become you a martyr, but you should not give up illusions in this area. Some things or people might leave your life.
Cancer. Very good, productive year providing self-realization, new ideas through friends, partners support. Success will accompany you if you will work honestly with intention to serve people (you will have enough job this year). The main task is to understand your priorities, dare to be yourself and balance it with the interests of partners and friends. January and July are challenging: they may arise and require a solution to the old problems – both health and relationships: take care of your health, not over-stretch in every sense this time.
Leo. Great, creative year, giving love, inspiration, new ideas. Possibility to change workplace. Move toward  you new goals – unimaginably higher. Enjoy the fruits of your creation. Create, love and be loved – you worth it. The only problem is not to miss out on success and don’t ignore spiritual needs.
Virgo. Not bad year if not damaged by misunderstandings with the partner or excessive family needs in January, July or September. There may be the biggest tensions in these areas. Instead of lingering on illusions, intrigues, or self-pity, rely on friendship, take new studies or go somewhere you haven’t been before, refresh your worldview. You will receive support from children or a loved one, but this year it is important to dare to dream, engage in public activities. You can expand or improve your living space. From the middle of the year you will feel the coming blessing, the long-awaited peace. For some, you can become an angel.
Libra. Good year, bringing a new valuable acquaintance, information. Communicate, learn new things. The main events in the close environment, home space will provide the foundation for realising ideas. but you should keep in mind your essential goals, learning new things, pursuing your career. Don’t get into the intrigues at work, help others. You will transform finances, investments, and even take a new business this year. January and July are especially challenging: they may arise and require a solution to the old problems, connected with career and family: take care of your health,  not over-stretch in every sense this time.
Scorpio.You can make a good profit if you be careful, practical, but also lose if you get involved into speculation, gambling or other questionable entertainment (especially in January, July or September). This would cause the greatest damage this year. There may be a lot of changes in the immediate environment, not bad – it will provide you with support, a foundation, but it’s time to look more widely – why not to go outside to travel abroad, and not just inside. A possible change in the partnership, it is the time to update this area.
Sagittarius. You are among the most successful this year. Many will need your energy, optimism, finally you will be appreciated, you will be able to enjoy the results, just don’t get into the adventures (especially in January, July) so that your authority wouldn’t suffer, you won’t disappoint the family. You can make a good profit if you put the effort, take advantage of untapped opportunities, but the goal is to start your own business, maybe family. A good year, especially March-April, August, November.
Capricorn. There still be some time where tou need to use patience, but your long, challenging, time-consuming period is coming to an end and the situation will improve in the course of the year, and you will have your triumph in 2020. Well, this year we should focus on the internal reserves – for some it will be meditation, for others yoga or other spiritual practices. However, in March you will feel a renewal in the field of love, you will find more time and desire to relax, you can even buy a lottery ticket. It is worth taking a closer look at the possibility of partnership – it’s not necessary to do everything alone.
January and July are especially challenging: they may arise and require a solution to the old problems – both health and relationship. Take care of your health – bones, joints, not over-work yourself this time of the year. Some things have to be unlocked and left in the past.
Aquarius. A challenging beginning of the year, but from May will return clarity and you will be able to take advantage of the great opportunities to realise your dreams. This  opportunities will come through your friends, collective activities and virtual space, just be careful, helpful, want to serve people, don’t stay away from routine. It’s a great time to take some important work after a long period of stagnation, just keep working. You can earn from creativity, but don’t be tempted by the illusions of fast money, don’t get upset with friends because of that.
Pisces. A challenging year, but causing great tasks and opening up great opportunities, important acquaintances. On the other hand, it’s very important to distinguish who is who, not to drown into the illusions, and not to lose authority, willingly or unwillingly violate the law (especially risky January, July and September). In addition, the temptation to  use alcohol, drugs or feel victim will increase from May. It’s a test period for you – will your inner light and awareness overcome destructive tendencies and illusions. Strength and support will be provided by old friends, collectives, but the task this year is to find time for creativity, loved ones, children. And time for relaxation.