Which elements will dominate 2019?

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27 Dec 2018

Which elements will dominate 2019?

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The dominant elements determine the characteristic of the person as well as the period. Fire element provides us energy, activity, air – communicability, lightness, earth – practical skills, discipline, responsibility, water – intuition, empathy. Reconciliation with the elements essentially determine success, realisation, so it’s important to understand and balance them in the right way. So what we can say about 2019 in this sense? In what zodiac signs will be the planets and what elements will they activate?

Earth element. In these zodiac signs is the biggest accumulation of distant planets this year:
  • Saturn (in Capricorn) in a strong position and Pluto (in Capricorn)
  • from the beginning of March – also Uranus (in Taurus)
  • from December – Jupiter too (in Capricorn). Then the earth’s element will become absolutely dominant.
Fire element. Here will be the biggest part of the year in:
  • Jupiter (in Sagittarius) in a strong position
  •  at the beginning of the year, until March, and Uranus (in Aries).
Water element. Here will be all year only in:
  • Neptune (in Pisces)
  • as well as the Rising Lunar Node  (in Cancer).
  • However, the water element will be burdened by the Black Moon, or Lilith (in Pisces) for the biggest part of the year (from May), so over-reliance on emotions can be a risky. This year brings a big challenge to deal with water element the right way: to maintain sensitivity, compassion (Rising Lunar node in Cancer), but do not slip, sink into self-pity, illusions.
Air element. There is no distant planet here. The air element is not accentuated this year, so the main thing is not nice talks, but actions: dealing, leadership, solving problems, taking responsibility.
So, according to planetary positions, it is obvious, that in 2019 will prevail the elements of fire and earth.
In addition, 2019 is the year of the Yellow Earth Pig. Again, this means a combination of earth and fire. Jupiter, a fiery planet, is in a strong position (Sagittarius), and Saturn, a planet of earthly element, as well in a particularly strong position (Capricorn). Jupiter comes back to his home planet every 12 years and Saturn every 30 years. So they both have a strong position together only once in 60-years period.

So we have a year of strong fire and earth elements combination

Earth gives pragmatism, stability, reliability, professionalism. Fire – inspiration, courage, leadership, enthusiasm, energy.
The combination of these qualities favours purposeful, strong, stoic people, leaders who know what they want, have ambitions and are capable of strategically pursuing their goals.