What brings success when Sun moves in Capricorn?

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23 Dec 2018

What brings success when Sun is in Capricorn?

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What brings success when Sun moves in Capricorn?

During this period (21/12 – 20/01), the Capricorn sign is very strong (Saturn and Pluto is here), and the Sun will make it more visible as moves into it. At the same time grows up the importance of  discipline, responsibility, professionalism, loyalty and credibility. However, South Node in Capricorn  limits the development of these qualities. They should be the foundation for  North Node (in Cancer) tasks –  learn to create cosiness, mutual understanding, proximity.

Professionalism, responsibility and punctuality will be particularly important at work – the lack of these qualities will be noticeable more than usually.

This year period when the Sun is moving in Capricorn is more suited to reviewing plans, strategies, adjusting and verifying your goals, making conclusions, summing up the results of the previous stage, rather than pushing forward. This is due to the influence of South Node in Capricorn and two eclipses this month near this node (7th and 21st of January).

The best thing to do this period:

  • review your goals and strategy;
  • make order in your documents, work place and living space;
  • look up at your activities, core goals from a long-term perspective,
  • take a look at your past experience, draw conclusions and lesson from it;
  • understand what things in your life must be rejected or transformed;
  • develop strength, consistency, perseverance;
  • abandon harmful habits, reject unnecessary things.
  • calm down – it’s not a good time for a new beginnings.

What should be avoided this time

  • negativity, pessimism;
  • rushing about;
  • a new beginnings.