5 simply tips to feng shui your home

And your life too
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17 Dec 2018

5 simple tips to feng shui your home

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Feng Shui has much common with astrology – both explores the interactions between human and environment. Although both of them  requires advanced calculations, they also have a simple logic, clear baseline principles. The most important of them is: “On the inside the same as on the inside”. So, by applying this principle you can quickly and easily improve your home (and, in addition, your life too).  Some changes would be done very easily and wouldn’t require any cost at all – just a little bit of attention, awareness and, most important, the desire to overcome your inertia.

5 common mistakes and how to fix them

1. Collecting old, unused items just because “there is no way to throw them away”. They are blocking the flow of energy and new opportunities in your life.  Give them away to those who may need it.

2. Cluttering the entrance. It must be clean, bright, attractive. Often people save at the expense of the porch or make a lumber room there. It’s a very big mistake. The doorway is the magnet for the flow of energy.  If you want attract beauty, love and prosperity to your house, the entrance must express it in a good way: flowers, lights, etc. are welcome.

3.Using broken, crocheted dishes (even / especially everyday) and  broken furniture. The accumulation of old, scraped things at home generate  energy of poverty, stagnation. Damaged items should be restored or discarded. Just buy a nice cup for everyday coffee, cute playful slippers and the  blooming flowers to create cozy atmosphere at home.  Even small things can remind you about the prosperity that you deserve – it does not require to spent a bargain.

3. Keeping the  family relics or other valuable items without respect. Bring them to the  high place with respect, make special place  for them (it should not be below the waist line). High value things should be in the “high” place – then you will be given support.

3.If you buy a  house (a car or any large purchase), find out why it’s sold (it is even more important than having to deal with technical details). If the item is sold due to the fact that the owners got rich and bought a better one, buy from them, even if it looks too expensive. And if house (or car, etc.) is getting to be sold because the owners can’t keep it due to illness, death, bankruptcy, etc., don’t buy it, even for a good price. It is likely that the similar tendencies will manifest to you too.

Well, well, of course, but …

Yes, yes, most of us know about it…  But question is, if we applying it?  Upcoming New Year (or other cycle) is particularly a good time to do such a review – of both the inner and outer world. Because they are both related. Cleaning our house we can clean outdated habits, attitudes, etc., keeping us from moving forward.