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The best way celebrate Christmas and New Year 2019
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16 Dec 2018

The best way celebrate Christmas and New Year 2019

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The most beautiful holidays of the year is just around the corner. Some people have planed the celebration a long time ago, some – will plan it at the last minute. Everybody is already decorating their home, buying gifts, tickets, planning with whom and how they will celebrate their holidays. So what’s the best way to meet this Christmas and New Year? Would you celebrate it with a few close friends or thousands of strangers? What colours and style are fortunate for these holidays? Let’s see astrological tendencies of this period!

Preparation for celebrations

The whole pre-holiday week is good time for a variety of jobs, shopping, and all kind of meetings (especially 17, 19, 20 days). At work, it’s perfect time to unite the coworkers, to thanks the subordinates for the great work, generate ideas and vision for the next year. With your friends – remember to thank for the friendship, for the best moments that experienced together, also create new plans for the future. Day 20 is very strong for insights, spiritual practices and innovations. The worst is Friday, 21st, afternoon and Saturday, 22d. Favourable colours, shapes Festive decorations should be more structured, refined, luxurious, in rich, deep colours, can be with exotic accents, patterns dominated by golden yellow, dark blue, burgundy red, brown shades. Better less, but high quality. Avoid cheap materials.

Christmas Eve and Christmas

In Christmas Eve Moon will enter Leo (7PM +2GT), giving joy and excellence. It is important beautifully decorated table – for example luxurious porcelain, festive candles, etc. (it may be even more important than the abundance of food). Christmas days are good for the cultural events, live concerts, games with children, meetings with friends, dates (Moon will remain in Leo). It’s better to avoid alcohol, suspicious food or confusion – possible poisoning, accidents, misunderstandings, injuries encouraged by Mercury-Neptune auspicious aspect.

New Year 2019

At the turn of the New Year, four zodiac signs will be highlighted: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Pisces. The moon will be in Scorpio. So it will highlight the elements of the earth, water and fire, which will give mystery and passion – deep, but mastered. Because air element is weak now, there will surely be no need for plenty of sprawl, superficial communication. On the contrary – philosophical discussions in the candle light with cup of vine or exotic tea drinking ceremony would be welcome. Also live concerts or your own creative evening by the fireplace. A great time for spiritual, esoteric practices, for magic, as well as throw lots (like runas, tarrot, etc.) or made your own ritual.
Themed party. If you are preparing a themed party, it’s better to chose from esoteric, exotic themes: magic, other civillizations, cultures. Mystery, exotics, deep real relationships can illuminate this special night. The festive dinner may also be themed – some of the world’s cuisine (such as French, Mexican, Chinese, etc.).
With who? With time-tested friends, family. If it is a big company, should it be in cultural space.
Risks. The New Years Night is a deep, magical time. If, of course, it will not be damaged by drunkenness (that kind of craving grows on the Moon in Scorpio).
January 1 In the morning, Mars will enter Aries, strong position. This will give you an active, energetic glimpse. A great day for picnics, sports, active free-time. Promise yourself to be more active, do sports, begin active life style. It will be easier to accomplish that.

And briefly

  • It’s good time for the meetings with close, time-tested friends or cultural events, live concerts, cozy celebrations and philosophical conversations.
  • Temperate luxury and delicate arts, intelligence, cozy, intimate atmosphere as well as wide point of view and exotics could be this New Years “dress code”.
  • Better less, but high quality.