The best travels for zodiac signs

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Kokios šalys tinka zodiako ženklams
30 Nov 2018

The best travels for Zodiac signs

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When choosing trips for zodiac sign representatives, it’s important to take into account your nature.

What kind of trips are suitable for Zodiac signs?


In principle, I do not like passive relaxation – the best of it for a trip involving physical activity, sports. Motorcycles, canoes, paragliders – great travel, entertainment equipment.

In 2018, you will be involved with extreme situations – both opening up successes and trials. Since November, the great period of your travel year begins. It’s strange if you did not feel the desire to expand the horizons.
Classic Aries Countries – Germany, Ireland *.


Good holidays, gourmet lush gardens, parks, as well as gourmet tours with food and drink tasting.
In 2018, traveling is especially good with your partner, which will open you development opportunities. From November, it may take extreme journeys to start (although it’s not typical for Taurus anyway).

Taurus countries * – Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine


Travels with friends, with lots of dynamics, diversity, communication, excursions, and access to new people.
You should not make special efforts in the area of ​​travel in 2018 – unless the journeys you have long dreamed of would be shaped simply by themselves, then you should not reject them. From November, traveling with a partner will be especially important.
The Brilliant Gemini Countries * – Greece, USA, Cyprus, Armenia,


Traveling with close friends, family, visit the wonders of the world and bring a lot of pictures for  souvenirs. Representatives of this brand love wildlife beaches or lake shores, farmsteads, and avoiding noisy resorts.
2018 is really a good time for holiday, creative, romantic trips. Especially near the sea, the ocean. Take the initiative yourself – do not wait for others to propose. A great time to do serfing, diving, and other water sports. From November, you may need to travel for work.
Cancer countries – Lithuania, the Netherlands, India.


Relaxing trips, beach life, south counties, resorts with plenty of entertainment.
In 2018, traveling with the family, get acquainted with the origins of the family.  From November  travel will encourage creation, give inspiration and help meet with patrons.
Leo countries * – Italy, southern France.


Well planned journey, where all the little things are thought out.  Safety, especially health insurance is very important.
2018 trips will open up new people’s opportunities, get better, gain knowledge. From November it will be important to visit parents, arrange family meetings.
Virgin countries * – France, Japan.


Tours, especially after scenic surroundings, sightseeing, cultural places, visiting museums, concerts, meeting interesting people.
Travels  2018 can help you increase your earnings, help you improve your health, travel to spa with massages, numerous health treatments and, on the other hand, gourmet travel. From November onwards, passing trips, missions, trips to relatives or related to learning, qualification upgrading will be more important.
Scale countries * – England.


Extremal travels to the hot spots of the world. It can take place where others are relinquished by natural disasters or coups – it’s even more interesting to look closely at what’s going on. It is attracted to deserts or canyons.
When traveling in 2018, you will better understand yourself and your abilities, try their limits. Traveling this year is a blessed area for you, successful and encouraging improvement: they will raise your personal authority, open a great acquaintance, then travel. From November, travel can also stimulate a carpenter’s carpet or help to find a job.
Scorpio countries * – Sicily, Spain (especially southern), Middle East, and the Nordic countries – Sweden.


Exotic travels, discovering and exploring other cultures, expanding horizons, not limited to one continent. He is the first traveler on the list.
In 2018, by November, the most beneficial would be spiritual, pilgrimage tours to help clean up, prepare for a new cycle. Starting in November, you will begin your luck and development phase – you can start planning for the major trips of the year 2019. This will be the year of your expansion, success, horizon expansion.
Archery countries * – Poland, Malta, Australia, Mexico, Brazil.


Mountaineering is a great choice. However, this year it is only necessary to go to the mountains when the journey is shaped as if by itself and the mountains behave more cautiously.
It is better to postpone the trips in 2018 (or next year) or to entrust them with friends. November there may be a need / thrill for pilgrimage.
Capricorn * – Tibet, China, Estonia.


New places, he can arrange a great trip for his friends, he can travel alone, because he loves freedom, and also loves to constantly get acquainted with new people from all over the world.

Although you are keen on traveling, planning trips in 2018 should take into account the needs of your partner.  Since November, it’s good to travel with friends and friends – give them an organizing initiative.
Water Countries * – Norway, Canada, Russia.


Perfect for travel by sea, oceanfront, cruises. They love romantic, pilgrimage or to the magical world of the world, choosing islands or offshore beaches, wildlife.
In 2018, you are one of the most successful travelers. The journey will open up huge opportunities, important acquaintances, strengthen the authority. This is a great year for you. Extend your geography, go further than usual, open exotic countries. Especially good at the ocean. Starting from November, it will become important for work or for essential travel purposes.
Fish * – Nepal, Israel, many islands.

* This does not mean that only the people matching your zodiac sign are well-traveled, but in them, a person feels his own, understandable manner, a way of life, it seems to be in his place (obviously, there is a lot more factor, but the position of the sun is quite important in choosing a country for life). On the other hand, sometimes you want to travel on a different kind of energy than usual.